This queen leads by example and has the courage to stand alone against the tide of public opinion. Her integrity and clarity may require a withdrawal from the world. Society expects women to be nurturing and helpful and not personally ambitious, which is why if we are going to make anything of our own lives we need to get out the sword and use it as often as needed. Permitting ourselves to be the centre of our own universe, instead of the satellite of others, is the special quest of the female gender, and by middle age most of us have refined the necessary sword skills to an art form. We live very much against the world.



To fully realize the unique conscious individuality that is our birth right we need to be comfortable with our animal nature. The separation of humanity from instinctual life, although potentially very liberating, is also inhibiting. Our self awareness is a double edged sword that either destroys us or exalts us depending on how we wield it. Domesticated human beings are animals in captivity, having lost our our ecological niche in the wild. Bars and wire are not needed to contain us, our neuroses keep us prisoner. Our insecurity, our inhibitions, and our social embarrassment are all symptoms of this repression. To become aware of this fracture and to heal it and reconnect ourselves to our whole self as we truly are, gives us incredible strength and energy and boundless creativity. Overcoming our self limiting inhibitions and regaining a healthy Lust for life is intrinsic to our process of liberation as an individual. It is a manifestation of true enjoyment, or “jouissance”, a term which was used by Feminist writer Hélène Cixous to describe a mystical experience of sexuality that forms the basis of all creativity.



The meditating warrior seated in her lotus chariot has her eyes open, suggesting she is very much aware both of her situation and the pain of the world. Genuine progress demands that we look clearly at reality and work with it as best we can. Delusions never serve us in either material or spiritual matters. Love and healing are the goals of the spiritual self, compassion and awareness its greatest strength and enlightenment its achievement. The spiral in her hands is symbolic of the Holy Grail, and the Philosophers Stone of the Alchemists. It represents the results of the Great Work and is blue and red, suggesting the union of fire and water, the balancing of polarities which opens up the central channel of creative energy.

The Lovers

loversThe uniting of Sun and Moon refers to the integration of conscious and unconscious, spirit and soul, the individual and collective. One half of this card is lunar and one half solar, half night and half day. The bird in the day half is the soaring solar spiritual consciousness and its powers of flight, while the snake in the night half is an ancient symbol of the power of the underworld, the deep dark energy of soul. It is a fallacy that this division is in any way gender related because all aspects exist equally in every single individual, no matter what sex they manifest outwardly. This is why this card depicts the female half as the Sun side and the male half as the Moon side. In world mythology there are many more examples of Solar feminine/Lunar masculine attributions than are commonly realised and I wanted to break the pattern of false assumptions that have become universal. In the 21st century we no longer need to suffer outdated and irrelevant ideologies.

The Hierophant

hierophantThe Hebrew letter Vau means nail, and it represents the ‘son’ of the tetragrammaton which refers to Dionysus, Jesus Christ and other sacrificed gods. The nail of crucifixion connects spirit to matter and symbolizes the painful nature of awareness. Suffering is the source of all spiritual gold, just as dedicated sacrifice is the liberator of the energy of creation. Vau represents the connection between the spiritual and material existence which has been lost. The mission of the Hierophant is the reconnection of that link; he is a Pontifex or bridge builder. Vau symbolizes our spine, which kundalini energy ascends when our spiritual centres are open. The Hierophants’ staff is like a spine with a snake coiled around it, and the stone at the top is his pineal gland, which is also the third eye. This precious stone is the Philosophers Stone, the end result of the alchemical quest for enlightenment.

Happy Blood Moon Easter Resurrection!


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