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Sarah Magdalene Facebook

I have started a new Facebook page, which I will be updating with details about the upcoming site launch and the release of the Sarah Magdalene Tarot Deck.
I hope you will like it and follow my progress to publication.

I am doing final details and production work, and hope to have a deck ready for the Year of the Horse!

Love to you all!

Princess of Swords

Here’s another court card.

She is a young eco-warrior, an internet activist. The sad orb is the Earth with factories all over it and she is surfing the body of a capitalist. ;p

She is all our eyes and thoughts trained on saving the Earth.

She is Kali manifesting.




An update! Finally. Sorry it’s been so long, but I’ve been working hard on the deck.

I’m doing the Princesses right now, so the Courts are almost finished. Then all I have to do is redo the entire Major Arcana! XD Kidding, but certainly at least half of them if not more. My style has changed so much and I have so many fresh ideas to incorporate that I really have to have a Major overhaul. I redid all the Courts except for two queens who refused to budge.

As you might know I am a HUGE fan of Dion Fortune. In fact if anyone is the guide for these cards it is she. So you can imagine how excited I am that my cards are being featured in the journal of The Society of Inner Light! They are accompanied by the wonderful Tarot Poems of Tiger Brite.

I also want to mention my friend Laura Fitzgeralds’ Tarot facebook page, as her sagacious advice and our conversations about the Tarot have been very inspiring to me.

Mercury retrograde so my mercurial skills are down and I won’t rabbit on. I just wanted to give some credit where it is due.

Thank you very much to ALL of YOU!

what goes on

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it!

But I haven’t been idle. I have worked my way through the Minor Arcana in numerical order, traveling down the Tree of Life until I am now entering Malkuth. By the end of this month I will have finished the tens, and all the number cards, which is an amazing milestone to me. I am quite impressed that I have done this in under one year. And what an incredible journey it has been! I never expected this part of creating a deck to be so much fun. I am almost sad I am nearing the end. I feel utterly transformed by the experience.

However the task itself is far from complete. I have quite a few court cards left to do, and then there are probably half the Majors needing either redone or seriously renovated. Add to that the writing of the guide and I am optimistically calculating that it will be another year until I can publish.

I will try to update here a little more often in the interim, and I plan to overhaul this blog once I have completed the tens. You might have noticed that I have bought the domain now so please change your links. Eventually a fully fledged site will appear here and it will be time for this deck to be born.

Kind Regards to you all!


Goddess on Fire


A flaming fleur de lys, symbol of the goddess inflamed. All the threes are cards of Binah, the great dark mother of the tree of life, signifying the creation (and destruction) of form. Creative creativity at it’s purest. The raw force of the two has been refined and set to work. It’s happy to have been civilized and to find a purpose in life. And as yet it has encountered no obstacles to its enthusiastic expansion. This card symbolizes a pure passion for manifestation. Certainly one of the cards that was a real joy to paint and a relief after the oppressive gloom of Sorrow. The elemental energy of Dominion has been moderated by the higher self, which is the central staff topped by a lotus bud. When energy is purified and balanced it becomes bountiful and full of grace.


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