The Emperor

Feeling pleased with myself today having finally produced an Emperor I really like. It’s my third go and a very late addition to the pack, but I’m very glad I made the effort.
The Emperor is my personal card and seems to me to symbollize my own manifestation in the world, so to finish on this card means I am ready to emerge from the cocoon of creation.
Writing about the Tower too so feeling very Martian and intense.
Whether writing or painting, working on the Tarot is always a highly transformative experience.
The process of writing a book is proving a useful tool for refining the images. Each painting is worked on extensively in photoshop, especially the Majors, and the flexibility of this approach is fantastic.
The early Majors are all hybrids of different versions and bits of other paintings, the only criteria being that the material must be painted in my own hand on rag paper. But the Emperor is his own man, the first real manifestation card (not saying he won’t be tweaked). This is of course all very appropriate but you’ll have to read the book to find out why.


I’ve made a decision of sorts, to jetison the name Magdalene. I just feel the associations are too limiting. People might assume it’s Magdalene themed, and it’s definitely not. It is it’s own beast and currently defying all definitions.
I just want to go forward now into publication with as little baggage as possible, so I’m using my real name, and I am still thinking about what to name the deck…or if it even needs a name.
Still writing the book and believe it or not even painted a new card the other day. lol
But hoping to publish quite soon.
My facebook is now called Sarah Wheatley and I’ve bought the domain.
I’m going to start posting some of my past work over on Facebook, and hopefully get onto making a whole new blogsite very soon.
Thank you all so much for following.


My new Facebook page

Sarah Magdalene Facebook

I have started a new Facebook page, which I will be updating with details about the upcoming site launch and the release of the Sarah Magdalene Tarot Deck.
I hope you will like it and follow my progress to publication.

I am doing final details and production work, and hope to have a deck ready for the Year of the Horse!

Love to you all!

Princess of Swords

Here’s another court card.

She is a young eco-warrior, an internet activist. The sad orb is the Earth with factories all over it and she is surfing the body of a capitalist. ;p

She is all our eyes and thoughts trained on saving the Earth.

She is Kali manifesting.




An update! Finally. Sorry it’s been so long, but I’ve been working hard on the deck.

I’m doing the Princesses right now, so the Courts are almost finished. Then all I have to do is redo the entire Major Arcana! XD Kidding, but certainly at least half of them if not more. My style has changed so much and I have so many fresh ideas to incorporate that I really have to have a Major overhaul. I redid all the Courts except for two queens who refused to budge.

As you might know I am a HUGE fan of Dion Fortune. In fact if anyone is the guide for these cards it is she. So you can imagine how excited I am that my cards are being featured in the journal of The Society of Inner Light! They are accompanied by the wonderful Tarot Poems of Tiger Brite.

I also want to mention my friend Laura Fitzgeralds’ Tarot facebook page, as her sagacious advice and our conversations about the Tarot have been very inspiring to me.

Mercury retrograde so my mercurial skills are down and I won’t rabbit on. I just wanted to give some credit where it is due.

Thank you very much to ALL of YOU!


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